How does Pryzebox get paid?

How does Pryzebox get paid?

Just like your local bakery might give out samples of their cookies to passer-bys, so to Pryzebox enables you to introduce your brand and products to an audience of interested people through fun and interactive giveaways and contests. You provide some of your products, and PryzeBox will host giveaways and contests using those products at no charge to you.  Giveaways and contests attract potential customers who discover your brand and products, as well as a coupon that provides them access to a promotional offer in your ecommerce store.  Everyone who participates in or just sees the giveaway or contest can use the coupon to purchase the product.

Now, here is where the magic begins. Rather than a traditional advertising partner who requires payment regardless of sales, Pryzebox only gets paid when the advertising works! If Pryzebox attracts a user to your products through a giveaway or contest, and the user makes a purchase from your ecommerce store, Pryzebox receives a modest commission off the sale.  If no sale is made, Pryzebox doesn't get paid.  This model incentivizes Pryzebox to generate sales as it's the only way we get paid. You only pay for what works!  If that wasn't easy enough, the commission payment is handled automatically through Shopify so you don't have to do any extra work.
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